Professional Fashion, Event, Portrait and Commercial Photography.

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Brent Barnett, Owner and Lead Photographer / Videographer.
"Mild mannered with a touch of cinnamon toast wholesomeness." Brent began his career in 1986 shooting professional sports, corporate events and educational videos. He was the cameraman for Fishing the West television and later, Hunting with Hank. Including work on lighting and grip crews for noteable Oregon productions such as Mr. Holland's Opus, Nowhere Man and Under Suspicion. Continuing his career in corporate productions for Nike, Pendleton, Nordstrom, Doc Martin and Adidas and production manager for HP and Freightliner's national road shows.
Pete Greene, Owner and Photographer / Retouch Artist
"Ancient Zippo master and smells of leather."
With over 20 years of photographic, theatrical and design experience. Pete brings a unique and creative perspective to commercial photography. Working in the studio or on location, his style has been called "brilliant and multi-faceted." From products to people, versatility and experience are the key elements that will give his photos striking appeal and hold the viewer's attention. He is also skilled in digital editing, color management and graphic design.